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Lenno Cornish

What Britain has forgotten there? The Empire had already lost there two wars... Ha-ha.

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wew! i'm a bit late here or too late. LOL anyways, i'be been searching for some facts over the Afghan war it's a good thing that i read your article. thanks

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This will not end unless all of us unite. It's just sad that unity seems to be a pretty easy word to understand but very hard do.. sigh.

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i myself am wanting to do blogging too. i wonder when i could start when my baby is also at my!

maybe when she becomes 5.

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Totally realize what your stance in this issue. Although I'd disagree on some of the finer details, I believe you do an awesome job explaining it.

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"Public fear and frustration are on the rise in Afghanistan. As a result, Afghans are beginning to disengage from national governing processes and lose confidence in their leadership," according to the report. "Dramatic changes are required in the coming weeks, or 2007 will become the breaking point."...

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he said part of the reason the United States is committing more troops to Afghanistan is to improve response times. Britain said yesterday it would also be sending additional troops....

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