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Morris Young

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Our reputations do preceed us in the world. Just because American media has turned a blind eye to our actions against other people, does not mean the victims of aggression are not wounded by our policies toward other nations of people.

There is a actual "Brotherhood of Man" in the world. People really do feel a kinship with others who share their central beliefs, and an aversion to people who are or have been aggressive to basic human values of security, cooperation, and peace. America, not Americans, has chosen to abandon the path that leads to cooperation.

In a 'Global Village' connected through immediate images and blogs from real people around the world, actions speak louder than words, to use a cliche.

If we want to spread cooperation and friendliness between us and other people in the 'flat world', we first have to be cooperative, and truly supportive of people who live over resources we covet, and diplomacy must replace aggression.

American backed energy companies and the government have deeply wounded populations around the world. Just because we are not aware of the extent of the injuries, does not mean they are not suffering from them.

Its possible to have cooperative commerce, but that would take a radical shift in paradigms here in America. We would have to start thinking like the rest of the world ! And, first, we would have to begin to understand the affect we have had on other nations and people.


This is an issue that has been problematic for other civil society/pro-democracy groups around the world.

An interesting blog post from a few years ago on US financing of youth groups:

As the blogger points out, the issue is especially delicate/challenging for youth movements who cannot afford to lose credibility in their home countries just because of their associations to the US, et al.


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Foreign Policy is something that Governments tend to mess up on a weekly basis. This makes the job of us diplomats much much harder.

Politicians are not Diplomats!

[email protected]


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